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Please check out my clothing label:

11 March 2013

It’s been 3 months since I posted anything on this blog.

There’s a couple of reasons for my lack of posts.

1. I’ve been mad busy. The major project I’ve been working on is my new clothing label Nightcall. I’m running it with my good friend, we’re based in LA and we’d love you to check it out:

1. I’ve stopped using the blog (this post is an exception;). For regular updates of new work and happenings you can refer to my website, Tumblr and / or Instagram.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog and especially to those who commented on my work. I appreciate the support and feedback. I hope to hear from you all on my other sites:)



I no longer use this blog

5 November 2012

I’ve decided to stop using my WordPress.

There’s loads of other places to check out my work online. Please refer to these for regular updates.

My Tumblr


My Shop

The Jacky Winter Group

Instagram –
Thanks! xx

Shop! Shop!

12 June 2012

I just updated my online store. There’s new items listed on there plus everything is on sale, including this piece.x

20 April 2012

I just wrapped up my latest commission piece. Pretty happy with this one and can’t wait to see it tattooed.

Loads of new work in progress. I suggest you check my Tumblr and / or Instagram (@riklee.illustration) for daily updates:)

21 March 2012

It was pouring rain this morning. Which doesn’t bother me much, rains a good excuse to stay inside and draw. Not that I need excuses. Anyway, I managed to finish my latest commission piece too.

Help Wanted

20 March 2012

My 4 most popular prints are now available as a card set at my store. Each card is A5 (148 X 210mm) and printed on 250gsm archival stock. They’re only $20 a pop and all proceeds are going toward my heinous legal fees for a US visa. Anyone who buys a set will receive my undying love plus a nice gift in the mail later this week.xx

I ship everywhere:)


9 March 2012

There’s a good side to being a bad sleeper, the extra time allows me to finish drawings –  like this one.

I started this illustration about 4 months ago, and finished it at about 4am this morning.x

6 March 2012

Girls and Deer. They’re my two most popular commission requests. Last month I even drew a girl with antlers.

Anyway, here’s my most recent commission – a deer! Hope you like.x

Night Owl

28 February 2012

I’ve been exceptionally busy lately. Loads of projects on the go including a bunch of commissions. Like this one.

If you know me, you’d know that I really enjoyed putting this piece together.

21 February 2012

Here’s a new piece under construction. I spent a day drawing her hair yesterday and another day sketching out her tattoos today. I’m really enjoying putting this one together.

On another note, i’m really pretty bad at updating this blog. For daily updates please check my Tumblr, Facebook and/or Instagram (@rikleeillustration)