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Tattoo Mystique – Book Launch & Exhibition

8 September 2009

I’m lucky enough to be involved in a bunch of rad group shows this October.

The first of these is Tattoo Mystique, which is an exhibition held in conjunction with the launch of Dutch artist Angelique Houtkamp’s new book Tattoo Mystique.

“TATTOO MYSTIQUE is the breath-taking follow up to TATTOO DARLING – a book celebrated for bringing tattoo aesthetic, nostalgia, magical vision together through the art and personality of Dutch artist ANGELIQUE HOUTKAMP.”

There are a bunch of incredible Australian and international artists exhibiting in the show alongside Angelique Houtkamp. Here’s the list:

International Artists
Sunny Buick
Thomas Hooper
Alex Binnie
Mike Giant
Tara McPherson

And Local Australian Artists
Matthew Gordon
Rose Hardy
Kate Knowles
Jane Laver
Rik Lee

I’m pretty psyched about this because these guys are all mind blowingly rad. I mean, Angelique Houtkamp AND Mike Giant!? Too good.

All the details are here.

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