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Rik Lee lives and draws in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked for a range of clients including American Express, Nylon, Puma, Wired, Vodaphone, Telstra, Vibe, Vice, Dotti, Clandestine Industries, Hurley, Honour Over Glory and Stussy. He works with grey lead pencils, textas, watercolours and his computer. When he’s not drawing Rik tries not to fall off his skateboard and enjoys talking in detail about the weather. Storms are his favourite. In the future he intends to draw more, travel more, get more tattoos, drive a ’67 Chevy Impala and move down the coast with his girl and his dog.

Disclaimer: All artwork on this blog is copyright to Rik Lee unless stated otherwise.

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  1. 21 March 2009 5:50 am

    I love your artwork, Its unique and it inspired me today. I saw some of your stuff on the Juxtapoz site this afternoon, NYC 2007 is my favourite piece.
    I love ’67 Chevy Impala’s!!


  2. takebacktomorrow permalink
    22 March 2009 4:35 am

    I love your artwork! It is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see more from you! ❤

    ~ takebacktomorrow.

  3. 18 April 2009 1:19 am

    I love your art, its really interesting how its simply yet intricate. I love the style of bright colors and lead. Its very soft and easy on the eyes.

  4. 1 May 2009 4:28 pm

    beautiful. Bellísimos dibujos. Felicidades.

  5. Katherine M permalink
    23 May 2009 11:10 pm

    I was just on Juxtapoz when I saw some of your artwork, when I looked at the info about your paintings, it said that it was mixed media.

    What mediums do you use most often in your pieces?

  6. Taryn Sutherland permalink
    25 July 2009 8:27 pm

    I am the neice of Judy Bowyer living in Perth
    WA.Judy tells me about how great your work is and I have been collecting Girlfriend to see your horiscope pics. Really like the sketches and just would like to say hi. Am doing drawings too. You are inspiring and we feel proud of the work you have done and are currently doing.
    Take care Tazz.

  7. riklee permalink*
    28 July 2009 5:51 pm

    Hey Taryn
    Thanks so much for the comment! I’d love to see your drawings at some stage. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

  8. 3 September 2009 11:25 am

    love your work. so peace~

  9. 2 December 2009 3:43 pm

    love your works ! Nice, simple,and man ! It Rocks !
    please, never stop !

  10. riklee permalink*
    4 December 2009 8:46 am

    Thanks! Here’s hoping i never stop!

  11. Phe permalink
    23 December 2009 2:48 pm

    Brought one of your t-shirts sold at t-bar today!
    Love love love it!
    Never give up on your ability!

  12. riklee permalink*
    23 December 2009 2:53 pm

    Awesome! Glad you like it.

  13. momokiss♥ permalink
    29 January 2010 11:34 am

    i randomly found your blog when googling
    “romance illustration”

    odd i know but it was an inspired search and inspiration i DID FIND.
    your work is simply PERFECT. thankyou for being you.

    au revoir

  14. V ictor A. permalink
    24 April 2010 11:05 am

    Whoa! Your art is so amazing it’s not even fair!

  15. 12 May 2010 9:53 pm

    Great work. Very inspiring. I ahve just had a design studio built in my garden, so I am going to get drawing a bit now!

  16. riklee permalink*
    13 May 2010 8:12 am

    Thanks! I wish i had a design studio in my garden that sounds awesome.

  17. Daphne permalink
    5 July 2010 7:06 pm

    i’m so amazed and inspired by your art work and style.
    it’s amazing.
    How long have you been drawing? And is your art traditional, or digital?

  18. riklee permalink*
    6 July 2010 8:29 am

    Thanks so much!
    I’ve been drawing since i was a little kid. Pretty much as soon as i was old enough to hold a pencil i was scribbling on things. I generally use a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create my work. All the line work is hand-drawn, however i often add color and finishing touches in photoshop.

  19. Rena permalink
    10 July 2010 9:47 am

    Yeesssssss. Found your lovely art just in time to cite you as “Artistic Inspiration” for my Mid Year Exams/Folio. Phew.
    I love the colours, the style, the weird objects, I love that it’s different, and I love that no matter how often I look at it, it looks new.
    You and Lilly Piri are now my favourite artists… this month, anyway =)

  20. riklee permalink*
    10 July 2010 1:37 pm

    Thanks! Good luck with your mid year exams / folio.

  21. 12 July 2010 1:33 pm

    Am sooo loving your works! Awesome! I wish you can teach me how to be exactly good as you are! ^_^

  22. riklee permalink*
    12 July 2010 2:56 pm

    Hey Elenor, thanks! So glad you’re liking my work. Cheers!

  23. 13 August 2010 5:15 pm

    love your stuff. i pretty much reblog
    everything you do, its amazing. big fan.
    happy friday the 13th!

    🙂 denise

  24. riklee permalink*
    14 August 2010 8:41 am

    Thanks Denise!
    I checked out your blog – it’s rad and you have great taste so i’m flattered that you dig my work!
    Have a great day!

  25. Alison Chan permalink
    21 September 2010 2:54 pm

    Any progress on getting a tattoo apprenticeship? I have been following your work since the beginning of the year and when trying to decide who should tattoo a babin’ old-school sea-goddess-woman with a ship in her hair and a few sailor tattoos of her own… I just keep coming back to your site!

  26. riklee permalink*
    21 September 2010 3:16 pm

    Hey there! No progress to speak of really. I’ve been chatting to friends who work as tattooists and sketching up a bunch of flash to extend my folio but i’m currently inundated with freelance work so i have no time to drop it all and take up an apprenticeship. Anyways, definitely something i’m keen to do but not sure when i’ll get around to it. Depending on where you live i could probably point you in the direction of some rad tattooists who could design and tattoo something along the lines of what you described in the comment. In fact, i’m in the process of illustrating something quite similar to your sea-goddess idea at present myself!
    Thanks for the comment and digging my work, apologies that i can’t be of more help with the tattoo thing.

  27. Alison Chan permalink
    21 September 2010 5:38 pm

    Thanks for the quick reply! I’m from Brisbane… I’ve been getting tattooed by Rachi, formerly of All Star tattoo and now of Black Throne, for the last 6 years, but her waiting list is closed for another 18months, and the only other person I’ve really thought of who I’d like to do it is Rose Hardy, and I know her waiting list is huge too! I’m definitely open for suggestions if you can think of anyone else in Australia… I’m definitely open to it being more old school than the usual work of the two ladies I just mentioned! I’m just really picky about maintaining femininity and perfectly proportioned features!
    I love love love the girl you did with the tentacles in her hair… I would love to steal some elements of some of your girls for this tattoo (if I ever get around to it, haha) if you don’t mind! Love your work and can’t wait to see your sea goddess!

  28. riklee permalink*
    21 September 2010 6:58 pm

    No problem! Yeah, I’d definitely recommend Rose Hardy, her stuff (girls in particular) are incredible. But as far as i know her waiting list is massive. Jane who also works at Chapel Tattoo does some great stuff and may be worth checking out. I’m not too down with tattooists in Brisbane but i can ask around for you.
    Yeah, i’m quite happy with the tentacle haired girl too, i think she (or a version on that theme) would make a great tattoo design. Thanks again and if anyone comes to mind i’ll be sure to let you know!

  29. Anonymous permalink
    24 October 2010 7:56 pm

    hello again rik 🙂
    its taryn, judie’s niece.
    ide just like to thankyou for the gifts you sent!
    the shirts are amazing, and ive worn them constantly.
    its really nice when friends ask me “were’d you get your shirt :O”
    ide get to them them this story of my talented cousin 🙂
    so, thankyou so much for the smiggle gear, it helped me so much with my schooling.
    and its not only useful but its quite cool aswell.
    but anyways, thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    for the gifts, and ill be keeping my eyes peeled for anything new in smiggle.
    the best of luck
    – tazz

  30. riklee permalink*
    25 October 2010 5:56 am

    Hey Taryn

    No problem! Glad you liked the Smiggle gear and thanks!


  31. Janet permalink
    5 November 2010 2:10 am

    waiting for the shirts to come out

  32. riklee permalink*
    5 November 2010 6:50 am

    So am I! Honour Over Glory tees available in a couple of weeks. Hurley tees available next year. Hopefully doing a few runs of tees myself very soon too. I’ll keep you updated on everything here.

  33. 5 December 2010 9:03 pm

    This is very cool stuff. Do you also have t-shirts where the image is a bit more weathered/ worn? Either way, the style is very distinct.

  34. riklee permalink*
    6 December 2010 6:34 am

    Thanks! The colours in all my recent t-shirt prints are quite solid. I guess you could just run them through the wash a bunch of times?

  35. 12 January 2011 5:06 pm

    Hi I just want to say your work is so awesome, love your style, its so distinctive!
    Student illustrators like me can’t help but spend a few hours getting lost in the light tones and intricate details 🙂
    Especially love ‘Start breaking my heart.’

    Do you put most of your designs on t-shirts? or just a few chosen ones?

  36. riklee permalink*
    12 January 2011 6:09 pm

    Hi, thanks! Such kind words, i’m super flattered:)
    Also, stoked you mentioned Start Breaking My Heart as that’s one of my personal favourites too.

    The works of mine that end up on t-shirts are generally a result of a clothing brand approaching and commissioning me to a create design for them. So specific illustrations become t-shirts designs while other works are created for different applications.

    Thanks again!

  37. 18 January 2011 3:11 pm

    i have a little blog that i post my new artwork and new inspirations and you’re the most recent post. i was floored by your style and your ideas, its very inspiring to see something so awesome. i was wondering what your process is. your artwork is so clean, is it mixed media, digital, etc.? either way its awesome, can’t wait to see more! if you happen to check out me out, my blog site is i’m sure you’re a busy dude but it’d mean the world for a talent such as yourself to critique my stuff. peace.

  38. riklee permalink*
    19 January 2011 7:27 am

    Hey Jared

    Just checked out your blog. Looks great. Thanks for the write-up too man, i’m blown away by your kindness!
    I’m digging your work. You’re folio showcases great skills over a large range of media which is really impressive. My advice would be to choose one or 2 of your favourite styles and concentrate on refining those techniques. However, in saying this i’m always changing my mind and switching mediums too so i maybe i should listen to my own advice here:)

    To answer your question, all my work is hand drawn on paper then scanned and refined on the computer.


  39. Tay permalink
    15 February 2011 9:37 am

    Saw some of your art on an advertisement in Ringwood the other day. Instantly made my day. Your work is amazing and a true inspiration. 🙂

  40. riklee permalink*
    15 February 2011 6:51 pm

    Awesome! Thanks Tay 🙂

  41. Mark B permalink
    26 February 2011 9:49 am

    Hey Rik,
    Love your work and would love to get a tattoo inspired by your work. could I get you to design a snake tattoo or a something eastern? how much would you charge?
    who would you recommend in Melbourne to go to?

  42. riklee permalink*
    26 February 2011 11:36 am

    Hey Mark
    shoot me an email ( and i’ll get back to you.
    Let me know:
    1. What you want? Snake sounds cool – provide as much detail as you can
    2. Where you plan to get it tattooed – this gives me a good indication of size and form
    3. black and grey or full colour?

    Once i know these details i’ll hit you with a quote.
    I can def give you some recommendations for melb tattooists too.

  43. noodle girl permalink
    3 May 2011 5:41 pm

    You’re a genius, and an inspiration!!

  44. riklee permalink*
    3 May 2011 7:05 pm

    Thanks! You just made my night.

  45. 24 May 2011 1:48 am

    Hello. Came across your work on and had to see more!

    Just thought I’d say how excellent I think it all is. i love the tattoo style with soft tones it works really well! You’ve restored my faith in H graded pencils.

    My favourite is the sailor scene with ‘the end’ looks as if there’s an adventure been had! 🙂

  46. riklee permalink*
    25 May 2011 9:45 am

    Hey, thanks! Yeah, H pencils are the greatest. I go through a box every few weeks.

  47. 5 June 2011 2:47 am

    That’s some pencil useage!
    I meant to ask actually, do you actually have formal qualifications in art subjects or did you just start drawing? (I am currently a survivor existing in the education system, aspiring artist)

  48. riklee permalink*
    5 June 2011 10:08 am

    Thanks! Yeah, I have a graphic design degree.

  49. Ebru permalink
    5 August 2011 4:54 am

    HELP!!!!I I have a tattoo in my mind…only you can make it come alive..adore your work..

  50. riklee permalink*
    5 August 2011 1:24 pm

    Hey, here’s a link to my commission enquiries page. Check it out and email with your tattoo idea and i’ll get back to you! Cheers!

  51. S.j permalink
    2 September 2011 7:04 am

    Really love your work. I couldn’t stop looking at it, you have a great style.

  52. riklee permalink*
    2 September 2011 7:54 am

    Thanks dude! I really appreciate it.

  53. 18 November 2011 2:55 am

    your artwork is awesome and inspirational. ive used so many as my wallpaper.
    love your use of color!

  54. riklee permalink*
    6 December 2011 10:36 am

    Thanks Lainee! I appreciate it:)

  55. Ayesha permalink
    25 April 2012 12:56 am

    Hi, Im actually in love with your artwork, their absolutely gorgeous
    Just wondering if i would be able to use one of your designs as my first tattoo. i thought best to ask you just in case, only problem is i love them all so its so hard to choose 🙂 x

  56. riklee permalink*
    27 April 2012 2:12 pm

    Hi, thanks!
    Which design were you thinking of using for the tattoo? Let me know and i’ll let you know my thoughts:)

  57. 28 April 2012 6:43 am

    you are genius, all your work is so precise. how? everything is so perfect it doesn’t even look like it’s been drawn, it looks more like it’s animated on a computer or something? hm, please explain what you draw on and how to get the effect the pictures on your blog have. thankyou.

  58. riklee permalink*
    28 April 2012 8:00 am

    Thanks! I answer your question briefly in my FAQ.

  59. 1 May 2012 9:23 am

    I fell in love with your drawings!

  60. 17 June 2012 12:01 am

    Mr. Lee, your work is amazing. What kinds of pens do you use for ink and color, if you don’t mind me asking? Much appreciated. – S

  61. riklee permalink*
    17 June 2012 7:34 pm

    Mr. Woodman! I use Faber Castell “Polychromos” pencils for all my line work and shading. Much of the colour is added later digitally. Thanks!


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