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6 March 2012

Girls and Deer. They’re my two most popular commission requests. Last month I even drew a girl with antlers.

Anyway, here’s my most recent commission – a deer! Hope you like.x


Night Owl

28 February 2012

I’ve been exceptionally busy lately. Loads of projects on the go including a bunch of commissions. Like this one.

If you know me, you’d know that I really enjoyed putting this piece together.

21 February 2012

Here’s a new piece under construction. I spent a day drawing her hair yesterday and another day sketching out her tattoos today. I’m really enjoying putting this one together.

On another note, i’m really pretty bad at updating this blog. For daily updates please check my Tumblr, Facebook and/or Instagram (@rikleeillustration)


I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali.

1 February 2012

Whatever’s on my mind tends to come out in my work. So apparently i’ve thinking a lot about Los Angeles lately. Oh, and cute girls. Which makes sense really, because I’m flying out to LA this Sunday.


Two Birds…

25 January 2012

Finishing drawings feels good. Here’s the latest. Commission piece of two magpies and a couple of jewels.

Trophy Wife

18 January 2012

I finally got the colour down on my most recent commission piece.

Props to Jesikuh for being such a cool client and coming up with the great concept for this piece. I had a bunch of fun drawing her up and talking about how well the Chicago Bulls are doing this season:)

In other news, i’ve been a little slack with updating this blog lately.

These days I’m using my Tumbr as my primary site to showcase current work. You can view my finished pieces plus progress sketches and the occasional corny “lifestyle” shot on there. If you don’t want to wade through my Tumblr, cut to the chase and check out my commercial folio at boutique illustration agency The Jacky Winter Group. Thanks.x

Trophy Wife

10 January 2012

Here’s a new commission piece in progress. I plan to spend the afternoon colouring in. I have a fun job.x