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Love Hate. Hate Love.

5 January 2011

Love / Hate – © Rik Lee

This illustration works either way up. Just flip it to suit your mood. One way for love and the other way for hate. Or i guess you can just lay it on its side if you’re completely nonplussed. Your call.

Love / Hate

5 January 2011

Love / Hate – © Rik Lee

Love staying up late finishing new drawings. Hate waking up the following morning super tired.


4 January 2011

The latest issue of Juxtapoz magazine features a profile on yours truly!

Check it out and read about my love for skateboarding and drawing.

Happy 2011!

4 January 2011

Shred – © Rik Lee

Shred Cat says: “2011 is going to totally rule!”

Shred cat is almost always right.


21 December 2010

Start Breaking My Heart – © Rik Lee


15 December 2010

© Rik Lee

Here’s the first couple of tattoo flash sheets i’ve put together. There’s some designs you may recognise on there from my animal flash series i did a few months back plus some new sketches.

If you’re interested in purchasing one (or both) of these let me know and i’ll make them available at my store.x

2011 Calender

10 December 2010

Rik Lee X Destroyed By Fame 2011 Calender.

Get it here!

Wolf Flash!

9 December 2010

Teen Wolf – © Rik Lee

More sketches for upcoming tattoo flash sheets.

2011 calenders!

9 December 2010

Rik Lee X Destroyed By Fame 2011 calender – Now available!

I teamed up with my Destroyed By Fame pals over in LA to produce a bunch of calenders. The print and production quality is dope (unlike my crappy webcam pics).

So for just a few measly bucks you never have an excuse to miss an important date again!

11 x 16 flat and 22 x 16 open, 24 pages + cover, flute insert, saddle stitched and plastic shrink wrapped. Shipped within 24 hours of purchase world wide.

Get them here!

With Love Shoot

8 December 2010

I did a little photo shoot for my new t-shirts over the weekend with a little help from my friends.
Photography: Cassandra Kiely
Models: Larry, Nathaniel and Ricardo.
Best kids ever!

Tees available here and now: